Secondhand, at Pier 24


Melissa Catanese, Dive Dark Dream Slow, 2010
[Installation view, 2014, Pier 24 Photography] Courtesy Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco

A few months ago, I visited Secondhand, the current exhibition at Pier 24. Pier 24 is a Bay Area treasure; I’m energized every time I visit the Gagosian-scale space and, as someone who is fascinated by photography, I’m grateful to have access to a first-rate institution dedicated to the medium.

Like every exhibit Pier 24 has mounted to date, Secondhand is a very strong, very wide-ranging show. The Pier 24 team doesn’t shy away from ambitious undertakings, and I was alternately wowed, inspired, overwhelmed, and frustrated by this exhibition. I pondered the show for days following my visit, wrestling with some of the curatorial statement’s core claims. Unable to shake the preoccupation, I eventually proposed a short consideration of the show to Square Cylinder. Over time, the proposed write-up grew and morphed into a true collaboration between SC‘s editor David Roth and myself. Reading the final article, which went live on the SC website yesterday evening (read it here), it’s clear that the piece is stronger because it was a tag team effort. Hats off to David for making it work so well!


Daniel Gordon, Pink Ladies and Pears, 2012
Courtesy the artist and Wallspace Gallery, New York

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