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B6_image_webPosts related to BAASICS‘ 2015-16 programming theme, Borderlands, and our upcoming production, BAASICS.6: The Edge Effect, are regularly appearing on the BAASICS blog. All of the posts are worth reading, but I’m highlighting four of my contributions here.

Border Gazing” — Looking at a photograph of the U.S.-Mexico border and pondering “the folly and dignity of our human constructs.”

Thriving In Dystopia” — Borders, climate change, dystopia, and E.O. Wilson.

Walking City Alleys” — How is a city alley a wilderness? Why should we explore them?

The Anthropocene, Conservation, & Paradox” — Considering one of the more significant Anthropocene-related scuffles.

Don’t forget to reserve your tickets for BAASICS.6: The Edge Effect, which will take place on Sunday, June 14, at Knuth Music Hall, on the San Francisco State University campus! Learn more about the program and participants here.

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