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“Art + Science = Magic (Or Not?)” in Art Practical

In her brief introduction to the special “Art, Science, & Wonder” issue of Art Practical (7.2, October 30, 2015), Selene Foster notes, “It can be argued that every discipline carries with it the potential for great wonder, but the arts and sciences scream the value of not-knowing from the rooftops, and I believe this is the reason that they have been considered kin almost as long as civilization itself.” “The value of not-knowing,” indeed. While there are many significant differences between art and science, both are, as I write in my contribution to special issue, “realms of the question.” “Contrary
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Tytia Habing's Quiet Praise

After recently being introduced to photographer Tytia Habing“s series, “The Gift” (via Emma Kisiel“s terrific Muybridge”s Horse), I added Habing”s blog to the Hungry Hyaena blogroll. Jaded types might consider Habing”s work sentimental to the brink of preciousness, but I find her pictures to be quiet, evocative celebrations of the interconnectivity of everything — of the humbling fact that each mote is indivisible from the whole. In photographs of a gardener”s gloves overflowing with tobacco hornworms or a picture of Habing”s son taking cover in a low forest of mayapple, Habing”s earnest appreciation for, in her words, “this good earth
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“Experimental Space”

“Experimental Space,” the current exhibition at Oakland‘s Aggregate Space Gallery (ASG), is a collaboration between the ASG team and BAASICS, the art and science nonprofit organization I co-founded in 2011. Selene Foster and I worked closely with ASG’s Conrad Meyers II and SD Willis to create a show that we hope is at once playful and provocative. The exhibition was Conrad’s brainchild, and he envisioned a show that would wink at the contemporary art world’s use of the term “experimental space.” In art world jargon, an experimental space is a gallery or other exhibition venue that showcases art projects that
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Pond Reveries

I marvel at ocean life and enjoy time spent offshore, but I’m a freshwater man, at heart. I’m particularly drawn to ponds and streams. They’re neither formidable nor spectacular, but they stir me nonetheless. Oceans, the world’s mighty rivers, and even great lakes can leave us dumbstruck with awe, but ponds and streams offer humility and wonder aplenty, albeit on different, more intimate terms. Because they reward attentiveness and quiet, and dole out their delights to the patient, I like to settle on a pond or stream bank and drift into ruminative reverie, all the while remaining keenly aware of
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Creatures Of A Day

In June 2011, I snapped the pictures you see here at a gas station near Monroe, Michigan. En route to a wedding northwest of Detroit, a buddy and I had pulled off the highway to fill up on gas, and we were astonished by the sight we encountered. The insects all over the building, column, and gas pumps are a species of mayfly. (I believe they’re a type of burrowing mayfly, Hexagenia sp., but there are so many mayfly species in Michigan that it can be difficult for even entomologists to visually differentiate them.)
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