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Decoy model in Gray’s Sporting Journal

Earlier this month, when one of my photographs led a Bay Nature article that also included a reference to the work of my uncle, conservation historian John Reiger, I wrote that I was delighted to find “two generations of Reiger work appearing in the same feature.” Three weeks later, and it has happened again…although this occasion is less of a surprise. A photo of mine is used as the opening spread of “Allure of Decoys,” an article written by my father, George Reiger, that appears in the November/December issue of Gray’s Sporting Journal.
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Pond Reveries

I marvel at ocean life and enjoy time spent offshore, but I’m a freshwater man, at heart. I’m particularly drawn to ponds and streams. They’re neither formidable nor spectacular, but they stir me nonetheless. Oceans, the world’s mighty rivers, and even great lakes can leave us dumbstruck with awe, but ponds and streams offer humility and wonder aplenty, albeit on different, more intimate terms. Because they reward attentiveness and quiet, and dole out their delights to the patient, I like to settle on a pond or stream bank and drift into ruminative reverie, all the while remaining keenly aware of
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Eastern Bluebirds, House Sparrows, & Tough Choices

When I was a child, our farm’s bluebird nesting boxes were most often used by tree swallows, eastern bluebirds, and European starlings; occasionally, they would be claimed by Carolina wrens. The bluebirds, swallows, and wrens were welcome nesters, but my father waged war against the introduced starlings. During the spring and summer months, routine surveys of the bluebird boxes are important. If a bluebird pair has already brought off a brood and vacated, the empty box should be cleaned out so that another mated pair can more easily take up residence and build a nest. If a nesting starling was
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