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“Art + Science = Magic (Or Not?)” in Art Practical

In her brief introduction to the special “Art, Science, & Wonder” issue of Art Practical (7.2, October 30, 2015), Selene Foster notes, “It can be argued that every discipline carries with it the potential for great wonder, but the arts and sciences scream the value of not-knowing from the rooftops, and I believe this is the reason that they have been considered kin almost as long as civilization itself.” “The value of not-knowing,” indeed. While there are many significant differences between art and science, both are, as I write in my contribution to special issue, “realms of the question.” “Contrary
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Recent writing for the BAASICS blog

Posts related to BAASICS‘ 2015-16 programming theme, Borderlands, and our upcoming production, BAASICS.6: The Edge Effect, are regularly appearing on the BAASICS blog. All of the posts are worth reading, but I’m highlighting four of my contributions here. “Border Gazing” — Looking at a photograph of the U.S.-Mexico border and pondering “the folly and dignity of our human constructs.” “Thriving In Dystopia” — Borders, climate change, dystopia, and E.O. Wilson. “Walking City Alleys” — How is a city alley a wilderness? Why should we explore them? “The Anthropocene, Conservation, & Paradox” — Considering one of the more significant Anthropocene-related scuffles.
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SFMOMA’s Open Space: BAASICS & unexpected projects in conversation

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, I shared lunch and a very enjoyable conversation about the nature of collaboration with artists Jenny Salomon, Jennifer Stager, and Selene Foster. As two collaborative pairs, we had a lot to talk about. Selene and I co-founded BAASICS and have been devoting ourselves to that labor of love for almost — whoa — five years now. In 2014, Jenny and Jennifer kicked off a collaboration they call unexpected projects, aspiring to “make art more accessible to wide-ranging audiences while providing artists with a platform from which to experiment. From installing site-specific shows on a former prisoner transport
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“Experimental Space”

“Experimental Space,” the current exhibition at Oakland‘s Aggregate Space Gallery (ASG), is a collaboration between the ASG team and BAASICS, the art and science nonprofit organization I co-founded in 2011. Selene Foster and I worked closely with ASG’s Conrad Meyers II and SD Willis to create a show that we hope is at once playful and provocative. The exhibition was Conrad’s brainchild, and he envisioned a show that would wink at the contemporary art world’s use of the term “experimental space.” In art world jargon, an experimental space is a gallery or other exhibition venue that showcases art projects that
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“Wild Things”

The videos from the July BAASICS program, BAASICS.5: Monsters, are live on the BAASICS YouTube channel. Embedded below the fold, you’ll find my short “Wild Things” presentation, a 6-minute introduction to the role of “classical monsters” (which are representations of our socially injurious impulses) and an exploration of how Maurice Sendak‘s Where the Wild Things Are drew on our modern recognition that our “wild side” is a force that can “compel anti-social behavior, or the very best science and art.”
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Sleeping With The ZomBee(s)

The Friday night of the Helix Monsters weekend in Los Altos, I crashed at my friends’ house in nearby Palo Alto. Just outside one of the large windows in the room I slept in, under the roof’s eave, industrious European honey bees have manufactured an impressive natural hive. Because the BAASICS team has been preoccupied by zombees of late, we decided to do a little monster trapping. Enthusiastic amatuers often don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into; at least I didn’t!
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BAASICS.5: Monsters

The BAASICS.5: Monsters main program (July 14) and Helix weekend (July 18 Helix Happy Hour and July 19 Helix Family Day) were a lot of fun. For me, though, the pre-production phase is always the most enjoyable part of any BAASICS venture. Meeting artists and scientists who are doing exciting and/or challenging work is a treat, and I love researching and contemplating the chosen topic — in this case, monsters — through articles and profiles that appear on the BAASICS blog. It”s a gratifying project, for sure. Check in over at the BAASICS website (or sign up for the mailing
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