Not A Rose


Artist Heide Hatry invited me to include an essay in her monograph, Not A Rose. More information can be found on the handsome book here.

From the publisher: The book features Hatry’s “elegant, compelling, yet grotesque sculptures that the artist has created from the offal, sex organs, and other parts of animals, reminding us that the flowers that grace our homes are really the detached dead sex organs of living beings, and making us question the foundations of aesthetic reception in general. Woven through the images, and taking its cue from them, is the writing of 101 prominent intellectuals, writers, and artists (such as Jonathan Ames, Jonathan Safran Foer, Donna Haraway, Lucy Lippard, Richard Milner, Rick Moody, Avital Ronell, Steven Pinker, Peter Singer, and Franz Wright…) who address ‘the question of the flower’ from a multiplicity of perspectives, including anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, philology, botany, neuroscience, art history, gender studies, physics, and chemistry.”