News & Upcoming Projects

Announcing "Other Worlds"

I have a print included in "Other Worlds," a group exhibition curated by the artist Jill Slaymaker, on view at New York City’s Skylight Gallery in February and March. For more information and the full list of participating artists, please visit the gallery’s website.

"Presidio Sites" Project, Ongoing

In conjunction with senseofplace LAB, I've begun a longterm project in the Presidio of San Francisco; the working title is "Presidio Sites." I'm conducting nontraditional quadrat studies at or near four sites associated with the senseofplace LAB curated Nomadic Nature In Situ project. At different times of day -- dawn, mid-day, dusk -- I sit for 2-3 hour periods, recording all that I observe and experience. Unlike a traditional ecological survey, my quadrat is as concerned with the various forces that inform our perception of a place as it is with natural history. I aim to come to know each of the sites intimately and to communicate the sense of wonder and discovery I experience through the notebooks, photographs, drawings, and text I produce. Learn more at senseofplace LAB.

BAASICS update

BAASICS.5: Monsters will take place on Monday, July 14, 2014, at the ODC Theater in San Francisco. The program will contemplate monsters, imagined and real. To keep up to date, sign up for the BAASICS mailing list or follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Heide Hatry's Not A Rose

I'm honored to have been invited by the celebrated artist Heide Hatry to include an essay in her monograph, Not A Rose. The book features Hatry's "elegant, compelling, yet grotesque sculptures that the artist has created from the offal, sex organs, and other parts of animals, reminding us that the flowers that grace our homes are really the detached dead sex organs of living beings, and making us question the foundations of aesthetic reception in general. Woven through the images, and taking its cue from them, is the writing of 101 prominent intellectuals, writers, and artists (such as Jonathan Ames, Jonathan Safran Foer, Donna Haraway, Lucy Lippard, Richard Milner, Rick Moody, Avital Ronell, Steven Pinker, Peter Singer, and Franz Wright...) who address 'the question of the flower' from a multiplicity of perspectives, including anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, philology, botany, neuroscience, art history, gender studies, physics, and chemistry." More information can be found on the handsome book here.

Snapshots From Home Ground Chapbook

Snapshots From Home Ground, the limited edition chapbook I produced in conjunction with the Aggregate Space Writer-in-Residence and Featherboard Writing Series, was released in early August 2013. A meditation on my rural upbringing on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the book is comprised of eight vignettes and a selection of photographs taken by either me or my father. Copies are available through both Aggregate Space and Featherboard. Learn more here.